Pressure Profile Sensors (PresoLine™)

PresoLine™ product is a multi-measurand sensing instrument that is designed for axial pressure profile measurement along a line, such as a pipeline. Axial pressure profile sensor actually consists of a series of FBG temperature-compensated pressure sensor (FBG-TPS) in single fiber cable with each FBG-TPS having a pair of specific central wavelengths. Such a fiber pressure sensing cable length ranges from a few meters to kilometers while the pressure sensing points can be from ten to one hundred. These FBG pressure sensors can be grouped in different numbers for specific locations or zones with equal or noequal sensing spacings. The axial fiber pressure sensing cable diameter ranges from 1/8", 1/4" to 1/2". The fiber sensing cable can be installed along an industrial structure with a minimum curve radius of 2-4". However, the fiber sensing cable also can be installed in a small industrial system by wrapping the fiber sensing cable around section of interested system.

Since it is a temperature-compensated pressure measurement, the PresoLine™ can simultaneously measure both thermal and pressure values at each sensing point. Depending upon the fiber pressure sensing cable package the axial pressure profile measurement can be used for monitoring pressure variations. The ProsoLine™ could provide multi-measurand information on static pressure and temperature. The data transmission can be directly connected to customer's intranet for remote monitoring and control.




The fiber pressure sensing cable design with cascaded FBG-TPS and its installation in a specific application environment are important part for successful measurement. BI supplies all cables and parts required for field installations, and will work closely with the customer to ensure that the sensor and instrument installation will meet both technical and safety requirements.

To meet different demands from industrial and University R&DE, we can customize the fiber pressure sensing cable, sensing spacing, sensor number, and installation package designs. When you place your order, please specify your specific requirements to our sales department at: