Boston Instruments FBG temperature-compensated pressure sensor (FBG-TPS) is based on packaged FBG elements that are designed for wide temperature and pressure industrial environmental applications. The packaged FBG-TPS provides temperature-compensated pressure measurement, where the sensor package requires two FBGs with first FBG measuring temperature only, and the other one for measuring both pressure & temperature. A pre-calibrated transfer function will be provided for pressure value calculation. The packaged FBG-pressure sensor can be used for measuring static and dynamic pressures in different industrial environments with a bandwidth from 1Hz to a few kHz.




To assist field installation, a 1/4" Swagelok fitting can be added in the front of the sensor probe (see TPS-120 and TPS-200). For multi-point pressure detection, such as inside a pipeline, multiple pressure sensors can be cascaded as a sensing array for field installation. Boston Instruments can customize such a field installation requirement as requested.

To meet your needs, we provide following pressure sensor products for you to select:

  • Model: FBG-PS80-1000 (Standard, 80C/1000psi)
  • Model: FBG-TPS80-1000 (Temperature compensated 80C/1000psi)
  • Model: FBG-TPS120-3000 (Temperature compensated 120C/3000psi)
  • Model: FBG-TPS120-5000 (Temperature compensated 120C/5000psi)
  • Model: FBG-TPS200-1000 (Temperature compensated 200C/1000psi)
  • Model: FBG-TPS200-3000 (Temperature compensated 200C/3000psi)



Download: FBG Temperature-compensated Pressure Sensor(s)  (0.74 MB PDF)

To meet different demands from industrial and University R&DE, we can customize fiber sensors and packages. When you place your order, please specify your specific requirements to our sales department at: